Thanks to the extensive experience of its collaborators, ABjet provides aviation consultancy for:

  • You can choose flight time packages and/or pay-as-you-go cards based on your actual needs

  • Points allocated according to flying hours to buy a share in or purchase an executive aircraft

  • Analysis of needs and requirements: total flying hours per year, number of passengers and desired comfort class

  • Studio e costi sulla convenienza tra l’acquisto di un velivolo usato o nuovo

  • Evaluation, analysis and market research for the potential purchase and management of the aircraft to be bought

  • Support for any contractual planning with the leasing company for the best possible distribution of costs

  • Our professionals will provide support to manage any tax issue related to your flights, as well as to properly manage your stake and/or the purchase of the aircraft

Among the negotiations handled directly by our ABjet consultants, there is the purchase of 8 new various types of aircraft (from the preparation of the order and the optional features to the collection at the factory and the delivery to destination), the purchase of 7 used aircraft, the sale of 10 dismantled aircrafts including the removal procedure from the Italian Aviation Register.