ABjet replies within one hour to all requests for quotes and designs the best-suited flight solution according to your needs: from incentive trips to private transfers, from executive services for companies to leisure events, from business trips to government and institutional flights, music tours, sports events, film and tv productions.

ABjet provides a fleet of jets with endless combinations in terms of capacity and amenities, fuel distance and services.

A Prop Jet to fly on short fields, an Intercontinental Jet for long flights to reach any destination with no stopover, a confortable Mid-Haul Jet for European and Mediterranean air route or an even more convenient Light Jet for flights with just a few passengers.

You can take off from the nearest airport and land directly at your destination, optimising flight times and reaching several locations in just one day. This reduces overnight stays in hotels, time spent waiting for connections and scheduled flights, queues at check-ins, the risk of having flights cancelled due to failures or strikes.

During executive flights, you can discuss business and hold meetings without the inconvenience of having any strangers on board and with the certainty of having a reserved, discreet and professional crew by your side.

For connections between the airport and the final destination, you can rely on our partnerships with the largest helicopter companies operating in Italy.